Experiences and activities

Away from the town line and the noise, just visiting our farm can be a real experience for you.

Farm activities
We are happy to show you everything our farm has to offer, and at the same time we invite you to the activities offered by the surrounding area. Children can play on a well -groomed playground or, together with us, peek among the animals and help with the chores. That doesn't mean we're not offering it to you!

Our advantage is that we are only few kilometres away from the Škofja Loka, from Kranj, Ljubljana, Airport... We're like an oasis where our only concern is to make you feel good here. It is not far from here on any hiking trail, on a bicycle in the desire for a beautiful cycling tour, on horseback riding, on ski slopes in winter, on skiing, sledding, skiing...

... and in the surroundings

Škofja Loka invites with the countryside, hiking, cycling, horseback riding and other routes. Water lovers can enjoy in river swiming, river fishing ... Seekers of special experiences attract on one side the sky, on the other side the cave and the abyss. Winter offers sledding and skiing, programs of different experiences offer inspiration for every day of the year! More at: http://www.visitskofjaloka.si/en/experiences/active-breaks.

Adele in Slovenia
We were also very pleased to welcome the traveller and blogger Adele, who was very happy to be with us. You can read the publication in which she has collected the glimpses of our visit to Crngrob at https://adeleinslovenia.com/tag/pri-mark-tourist-farm/.