For Childrens

Are you worried that after lunch, you and your family won't be able to afford a coffee in peace? Or that you'll have to take care of the youngest party participants while you're here celebrating your birthday, your anniversary, your wedding?
Don't worry about it. At our restaurant -tourist facility, we have arranged for the youngest visitors a place where they can play, a trampolin in a covered playground and other options for playing and relaxing leisure time. Games for the youngest, and a little peace for you!

igrala za otroketrampolin za otroke

Multipurpose room for closed companies

Parties for closed groups of people.

We offer you organising various type of parties (anniversaries, marriages, baptisms, confirmations …) for up to 60 people. The place intended for entertainment can be divided into two halves if needed. If you have band with live music, there will be also enough place for dance.
We produce the majority of food, that we offer guests, alone on a farm, that it is brisk and domestically. You can choose from many menus-from farmyard with sausage and sour cabbage, to menus with different types of meat with attachments. his includes domestic beef and mushroom soup. We can prepare desserts (potica, strudel, biscuits, biscuits, rolls, various other pastries), and you can try several types of home-made spirits.

The hall can take up to 60 seats, it is with Dance floor, place for band, Air-conditioned with balcony, piano, fireplace and it can be accessed for people with function restrictions.